What is an NSA Approved Shredder?

Product Information

In summary, an NSA Approved Shredder is a paper shredder (also called a high security paper shredder) that meets the NSA requirements for document destruction.  At this time there are 6 security levels for paper shredders and the NSA has determined level 6 approved for the destruction of government top secret documentation.

For more detailed information on NSA Approved Shredders visit the links below:

NSA/CSS Info – Media destruction guidance – direct information from the NSA/CSS agency

“The products on these lists meet specific NSA performance requirements for sanitizing, destroying, or disposing of media containing sensitive or classified information. Inclusion on a list does not constitute an endorsement by NSA or the U.S. Government.”

NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 – Extensive information and data on NSA shredder specs

“Maximum Particle Area: 90% of shredded particles shall not exceed 5 square millimeters and the remaining 10% of particles shall not exceed 10 square millimeters.”

List of NSA Approved Shredders

List of Approved Media Destruction Devices

Wikipedia – Paper Shredders

“Level 6 = 0.8 x 4 mm particles (Top Secret or Classified) (unofficial extension of the DIN 32757-1 standard)”

All About Shredders – Basic info on high security shredders

“The DOD document 5220.22-M, Chapter 5, Section 7, states that “Crosscut shredders shall be designed to produce residue particle size not exceeding 1/32 inch in width (with a 1/64 inch tolerance) by 1/2 inch in length”. An additional requirement is that there is more than one output bin, so that the various documents get scattered as well as shredded.”

sem-244-nsa-shredderNSA Approved Shredders